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Current Officers and other members of the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society:

Announcement on 9/15/2019 at Oakland Meeting

To SFBAJGS members here today:
We are coming up on our season for election of Officers to our Board. Our By-Laws, which are posted on our website, provide not only for nominations from the Board, but also from our membership on our two-year cycle.

Nominations for the next election of officers will close October 15.
The Current Officers are posted on our website and may very well choose to run again. We have no term limits.
The Board has asked me to make this first announcement, which will be followed by several other rounds of online communication. Nominations may be made via email to:
or via postal mail to our mailbox [listed below].
Nominations for new board members or interest in becoming a board member are always welcome, and can occur at any time.  Let any board member know if you are interested, or want to suggest someone else.

To contact the SFBAJGS by U.S. Mail, address your letter to:

P. O. Box 318214
San Francisco, CA 94131-8214

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