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Current Officers and other members of the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society:

Jeremy Frankel


Jeremy's foray into his family genealogy began during the 2nd night of Passover 1985 when his maternal grandfather asked him what he knew about the Levy family. After making some inroads, real life and work intervened and the project was placed on a back-burner until the arrival of the internet and online databases. Jeremy's work in England as a cartographer for 14 years brought together two passions, history and geography. This helped enormously when studying families and migration patterns. Thirty-five years later and the tree is burgeoning with 7000+ people.
Jeremy has been a member of the board since 2001 and like a number of experienced genealogists has offered his services as a professional genealogist with his partner Victoria Fisch, president of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento. Jeremy is a member of several genealogical societies and is a frequent contributor to many online discussion groups. He has written extensively and lectured and taught classes throughout the bay area.

Preeva Tramiel

Preeva Tramiel

Preeva Tramiel is an amateur genealogist and author of a memoir, The Girl On The Wall, who has been researching the Adler family of Mukacheve since 2008, including going back to Transcarpathia and Hungary to see where her family lived. She runs the meetings on the South Peninsula.

Shellie Wiener


Jeff Lewy
Chair, Transcriptions


Jeff's interest in genealogy began about 15 years ago with an album of family photos from the late 19th century. He has found records of his ancestors in Bohemia, Mecklenburg in Prussia, Prussian Poland, and the Rhineland back to the 1790s. He has traced relatives in the US in the South before the Civil War and followed their migration to Chicago, where he was born and raised. Jeff enjoys helping others learn how to do genealogy research and work through their brick walls. He regularly writes articles for the SFBAJGS journal ZichronNote and has also written three "slim volumes" for his relatives to document their common family history. He often donates his genealogy services to nonprofit organizations for their fundraising auctions.

Janice Sellers
Editor, ZichronNote
Chair, Publicity
Chair, Program
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Janice M. Sellers is a professional genealogist specializing in Jewish, Black, forensic, and newspaper research. She is the editor of ZichronNote for SFBAJGS and the former editor of four additional genealogy journals and newsletters. She is also a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy, Genealogical Speakers Guild, and Jewish Genealogical Society of Oregon (of which she is currently the acting president). She has been on staff at LDS FamilySearch centers and libraries since 2000 and gives presentations on many genealogical topics at the local, regional, state, and national levels.
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Pierre Hahn


I was born in 1928 in Paris, France, escaped with my parents in 1941 to the United States, finished my education in the US as an Engineer. Worked in the aerospace industry, gravitating into the specialty of measurements, from helicopters, airplanes, missiles, satellites, biological experiments in orbit, circadian rhythms, sleep disorders and a few other side endeavors, ending prior to retirement to having a teaching and research position in the department of Psychiatry of the Medical School of SUNY at Stony Brook..
Retired to the San Francisco area where my children were located, and with my brother (a UCB Prof) we pick up on all the collected letters, birth and death announcements which my parents had kept (a multi shoe box collection), set up an organization (genealogical software) for them and from this start we now have a pretty good tree of our ancestors with a forest of cousins. This forest is mainly centered in Western Europe. So for the past 20 years I have honed my genealogical capabilities on finding data in France where a great part of my family lived, and co-moderated the FrenchSig of JewishGen with Rosanne Leeson.

Stephen G. Harris, Ph.D.

I was born in New York City, and received a Ph.D.in Research Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley. I have been a consulting genealogist since 1991. My academic background, and post-doctoral teaching of courses in research methods and statistics, have proven helpful in my genealogy practice, where proving hypotheses and weighing the probabilities of purported facts are central to solid research outcomes.

My research engagements have most often focused on American genealogy, but past projects have involved research in the British Isles, Greece, Italy, France and Eastern Europe.

I have enjoyed serving the profession as past president of the California Genealogical Society and through genealogy lecturing and pro-bono coaching throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. I also enjoy solving historical mysteries using genealogical methods.

Dale Friedman


Dale has been a board member of the San Francisco Jewish Genealogy Society since 2007.  He has been avidly researching all sides of his own and his wife’s family history for over 20 years. This in turn has led to an interest in Jewish life in Eastern Europe, house-centric genealogical approaches and single surname studies beyond that of his immediate family. Dale has been fortunate to find many heretofore-unknown relatives as well as meeting and forming wonderful friendships with other Jewish genealogists worldwide.

Barbara Stack

Barbara has been researching her family roots in Poland and Ukraine since the late 1980s when her sister met a maternal cousin, Joseph Chandler, of Portland, Maine, who had made an enormous hand-written family tree. Joe passed along a copy, and Barbara began to map it into Reunion. She also started exchanging letters with far-flung aunts and uncles. Many busy years passed. In late 2009, a mutual friend introduced her to Jeremy, who pointed to the LDS Family History Library in Oakland and to the SFBAJGS. A website became necessary to organize and share the mounting piles of research. Repeated gentle inquiries of the Chandler family led to a revised tree, a narrative history, a scrapbook and the hope of discovery of correspondence. And then there’s her mother’s father’s family and her father’s family from Nowy Dwor. A long story. If you do genealogy long enough it becomes something other than what it seemed at the outset. Barbara's most recent pleasures have been in reintroducing members of long-separated branches of the family. 1969: BA, Brandeis University, Economics; 1975: MA, U. Massachusetts Amherst, Linguistics. In her professional life Barbara has been a systems analyst, a fiddler, a youth orchestra ED, and most recently a database manager, archivist, editor, and writing coach.

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